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Hi all! This list is For my seventh grade ELA classroom in an urban, Title I school in Lowell Mass. Materials purchased are used for reading, writing, vocabulary, socio/emotional health , Advisory groups, instilling restorative justice and Universal Design practice, classroom management and enrichments/interventions. We have a ton of wonderful students from all backgrounds and neighborhoods and each student brings their own past, present but most importantly, future. In total, we have about 150 7th graders (on IEPs, 504’s, ESL...) split between 2 ELA teachers so we always are in want/need of lots of items to keep class engaging and flowing smoothly. I find SO much joy in talking reading and writing with my kiddos. My absolute passion is being able to find a book for every student in my class that they CAN and WILL read (and actually enjoy!) If you were to come into my classroom on any given day, you would see an environment that is very flexible, into UDL and SEL. A favorite part of my classroom to the kids is the updated, growing library and the "comfy corner" where students can read and enjoy. My absolute favorite part of my second home and brand new family each year is that it can be a safe, exciting place to so many avid readers and future writers . My partner ELA teacher and I not only share one class but we also share materials. Materials donated will not only be used by one teacher but two! Any and all items will not only be treated with love and care but the appreciation and gratitude from both myself and my students is immense. Times are tough for our entire country right now, especially financially. The gratitude I can express is beyond words or an explanation during these trying times for everyone, but more deeply from a teacher who misses her kids <3 If you have any questions at all about something on the list, please feel free to email me at and I will be more than happy to answer!